Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Binomo Investment Platform: Real Or Scam?

The internet has so much helped a lot of people to conceal their identity in other to scam people online. And with the help of the internet, many have fallen for all kinds of tricks played on them by scammers. I recently came across an investment platform some days ago and I would like to inform people about this platform so as to avoid so many disaster.

I saw their advert on facebook and I decided to give them a try by sending a message to them on Whatssap. After a few chat with them, I noticed the platform is nothing but a scamming platform and people who are really greedy and are very much in need of money can fall for the so easily. Here are what the guy sent as regard how their platform works.

20,000 TO GET 40,000
25,000 TO GET 50,000
30,000 TO GET 60,000
40,000 TO GET 80,000
50,000 TO GET 100,000
100,000 TO GET 200,000
200,000 TO GET 400,000
500,000 TO GET 1,000,000
NOTE: we credit your account after 2 hours of registration. 

Now after this, I further asked how they make their profit and how much time it will take them for them to pay their investors. And these was their reply; 

We trade with hard currency like bitcoin,we make tripple of your donation and send you two part and we benefit one part. If you invest with 20,000naira within 2hours, we will make profit of 60,000naira then send 40k to you while the 20,000 is for the official Binomo group. This is not mmm where they merge people to donate for each other. You pay directly to us and we credit you directly
Note:you get credited in less than 2hours.

Now with the quoted words from them above, It is very obvious that this platform is a pure scam.

Why Binomo Platform Is A Scam  And Why You Should Avoid Them.

Binomo investment platform does not have a website where investors can visit. This is the first red flag, No serious investment platform will run without a website.

No kind of business or trading can guarantee 300% profit within 2hours of investing. This is a simple trick that lure so many people into doing been scammed.

There is no information about the owner or CEO of the so called company.

No good investment company will work solely on Whatssap.

Here are some of the things I noticed about Binomo and I would not hesitate to call them a scam website for this. I hope no one falls for this kind of platform claiming to help people thereby causing pain for people.

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