The quest to make money has made a lot of people to venture into business. but the truth is, starting a business does not equate to being successful in it. In fact,statistics has made it known that 70% of small business owners fail in their 10th year in business. 

Following all trends can not always make you better, It is better to do things the proper way rather than the common way.                                      Osuolale Olamide 

If you ask almost everyone that what do you need to start a business?  The quick answer is always money. Well, it is okay to say that but have you ever planned for the aftermath. I would love to let you know that it is more painful to start a business and not sell than while looking for money to start a business. 

So, here are some things you need to start doing if you would be successful in running your business. 

Build Network

It is okay to start a business all alone but it takes more than your effort to expand it or to reach out to many people. In this recent age,  Networking has come to be the major factor that can be used to reach out to large audience. If you are the kind of person that loves to do things all alone, I would sincerely suggest that you change that habit.

A Quick Tip To Help Your Networking Skill

Let family and friends help you with free adverts. That is the cheapest way to grow your business.

Always be active on social media, let your business be known by people. 

Try and use Influencers to promote your business. 

Make use of facebook ads to increase your business awareness and engagement. 

Make new friends, they are part of your potential buyers. 

Spend More Time Working

There is this common phrase "I wish I have more than 24 hours in a day" yes, everyone wished one time or the other but the truth is, it can never happen. The solution to this limited hours we have in a day is to maximize it. Spend more time working on your dreams, business and any other thing that will make you grow. Social media is meant for socializing but as an entrepreneur, it should be a powerful tools to promote and market your business and products.

Do not spend most of your time chatting with old friends and new friends but instead spend more time  connecting with business like minds. Meet with friends that can be of help to your business and not just friends that you keep chatting irrelevantly. 

Increase Your Branding Skill

It is not just about owning a business, it is about growing it. Branding is more than your business logo. It extends to various part of your business as well as customer services. 

Always make sure to give customer a topnotch service that will make them come back to do business with you. As an entrepreneur, if you can't make 3 out of 10 people that patronize you to come back for more,  then you need to work on your branding skills. If you are selling products, a thank you complimentary card attached to it can really help you attract customers to come back again and again. 

Keep Learning Daily

It is important that you learn and take courses that can help you grow and become expert in your business. There are a lot of free and paid ebooks online that can help you. Udemy academy is a place where you can take free and paid courses online. Make use of all free platforms where learning can be acquired. 

The moment you stop learning is the moment you cease to grow. So take time to learn and study the nitty gritty of what you are into.

Think Wide & Experiment 

A quick question for you,  "what do you do when you are doing nothing?". This question popped up on my mind recently and what I noticed is that, I have sincerely been thinking of one thing or the other even while I am not working. 

One thing I have learnt so far is to think and plan how you want to do something even before starting it. This will make it more easier to execute and more chances to be successful is assured. Do not be afraid to try new things, think wide and try to experiment what you planned so far.  

I hope this really helps?  Please, kindly share with friends and family, you may be helping someone by doing that. Thank you.