Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Binomo Investment Platform: Real Or Scam?

The internet has so much helped a lot of people to conceal their identity in other to scam people online. And with the help of the internet, many have fallen for all kinds of tricks played on them by scammers. I recently came across an investment platform some days ago and I would like to inform people about this platform so as to avoid so many disaster.

I saw their advert on facebook and I decided to give them a try by sending a message to them on Whatssap. After a few chat with them, I noticed the platform is nothing but a scamming platform and people who are really greedy and are very much in need of money can fall for the so easily. Here are what the guy sent as regard how their platform works.

20,000 TO GET 40,000
25,000 TO GET 50,000
30,000 TO GET 60,000
40,000 TO GET 80,000
50,000 TO GET 100,000
100,000 TO GET 200,000
200,000 TO GET 400,000
500,000 TO GET 1,000,000
NOTE: we credit your account after 2 hours of registration. 

Now after this, I further asked how they make their profit and how much time it will take them for them to pay their investors. And these was their reply; 

We trade with hard currency like bitcoin,we make tripple of your donation and send you two part and we benefit one part. If you invest with 20,000naira within 2hours, we will make profit of 60,000naira then send 40k to you while the 20,000 is for the official Binomo group. This is not mmm where they merge people to donate for each other. You pay directly to us and we credit you directly
Note:you get credited in less than 2hours.

Now with the quoted words from them above, It is very obvious that this platform is a pure scam.

Why Binomo Platform Is A Scam  And Why You Should Avoid Them.

Binomo investment platform does not have a website where investors can visit. This is the first red flag, No serious investment platform will run without a website.

No kind of business or trading can guarantee 300% profit within 2hours of investing. This is a simple trick that lure so many people into doing been scammed.

There is no information about the owner or CEO of the so called company.

No good investment company will work solely on Whatssap.

Here are some of the things I noticed about Binomo and I would not hesitate to call them a scam website for this. I hope no one falls for this kind of platform claiming to help people thereby causing pain for people.

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Monday, June 15, 2020

Why You should Not Fall For Most Online Paying Platforms

I am very sure almost everyone that uses internet has been scammed one time or the other while trying to make money. Many self acclaimed paying websites have scammed people of their money, time and browsing data. It is funny while many people even after been scammed several times online still engage in other platforms.

In the blog post, I will try to explain

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Join Viraltrend.org and make money today

Viraltrend is one of the online leading platforms that is still proofing to people that you can earn online even with so much scams these days. So if you have been scammed several times online and you have given up on making money online, I would love to tell you that there are several ways to make it online and viraltrend platform is one.
Click here to join Viraltrend.org and start making money

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Viraltrend.org is a news,and earning website owned by Paul Omogie, A Canada based Nigerian with the name Legacy wealth on facebook and Instagram. He is an internet guru, a cryptocurrency oriented person and also a blogger who has passion in making people rich through the internet. He currently also has a business blog where he also teaches people about business.

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If you have been following my recent posts, you will notice that I frown at online scam and I give a true review base on my observations. I joined viraltrend last year April,although they have been in existence since year 2018 and they have since been active and paying their users for performing some tasks online. Almost all legit ways of making money online is not easy as they portray on their platforms, but however, you should know that you will work for what you earn.

Here is a viraltrend payment proof. It is real and legit!
Payment proof to show that viraltrend pays

Viraltrend.org started as a promotion and advertising platform where advertisers can get more engagement on facebook,instagram,twitter and YouTube but has since then grew more to be more than just that. Promoters are paid for liking posts, retweeting of posts, commenting on posts,subscribing and also following pages or people on social media.

Click here to make money or promote your business or products with viraltrend.org

How does Viraltrend works?

There are two people involve

1. The advertiser 

2. The promoter

The advertisers are business owners that want to promote their business or products on various platforms, the advertisers pay certain amounts in order to get their products/business advertised.

The promoters are people who get paid for performimg tasks that include liking, commenting, subscribing following and retweeting of Posts on social media. You also earn for referring people to the platform.

How much is registration to be a Promoter ?

You can either register a premium account or basic account.

Premium account registration is #1500 with 50% commission per referral.

Basic account registration is  #500 with 30% commission per referral.

Is there another way to earn aside performing tasks and referring? 

Yes, viraltrend has recently added some other ways to earn money which include;

Commenting on their website post 

Play and win game with many people cashing out everyday. 

You can also get daily betting 2sure odd from their website. 

Does Viraltrend.org platform worth my time?

Yes viraltrend absolutely worth your time, it has been paying for more than two years now and it is also run by a very influencer person who has the interest of people at heart as regard making it online. So what are you waiting for kindly click Here to join the real earners.

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Friday, June 12, 2020

Eths Ads Review: Legit Or Scam

Eth Ads is another platform that claims to fetch you money by using telegram app to view their ads. Eth Ads is not the first company that will use telegram as a means of engaging people. I remember a name attached to bitcoin did the same and the platform is still available till now. 

You may have stumbled on my post for some reasons and you may be curious to know if Eth Ads is legit as they claim to be. Relax and follow this post to the end to get a clear answer to your doubt. 

Eth Ads on Telegram Platform review 

The first thing I love to do research about as regard any business organisation that claims to give out money to people for meeting certain conditions is how they claim to generate their income. So the first question that will come to mind is "how does Eth Ads generate income"? 

Well, with my deep and clear observation, I would say there is no clear explanation as to how Eth Ads generate their income, this means that there is no possible way they can pay subscriber if they don't generate income. 

There is a very clear way in which many advertising companies like facebook ads, instagram ads etc generate their income. This companies work by using the three entities flow, and these include

1. The Advertisers 

These are companies that are interested in advertising their products and services through the help of any ads company. The marketing and promotion of products is very important for survival of any organisation. Almost every business is going online and online advertisement has remained the best way to reach out to many people. 

2. The Publisher

Publisher are individuals that helps in spreading Advertisers' products through their platforms like websites, blog, mobile application and other platforms available. 

3. Ads Company 

These are companies that act in between the advertisers and publisher. They connect the two entities together by getting job offer from advertisers and give it out to publishers to advertise on their various platforms.

How Does Each Of These 3 Benefits 

Advertisers benefit as a result of increase in their products popularity and marketing level. Hence, this leads to more sales and more engagement on their products and services.

Ads companies benefits by charging certain amount from advertiser in other to help them connect their products to publishers.

Publishers Earn commission per click when readers click on the advertisement placed on their websites by the ads companies. 

After this brief explanation, the next question should be Does Eth Ads fall into any of these categories ?

According to the above explanation, Eth Ads can both act as an Ads company and a publisher as it is not clear where they stand. Anyone that has visited the platform can easily conclude that there is no legit advertisement involved in the Eth Ads platforme. Ads being viewed on Telegram can not be engaged with and also does not pass any good information to users. So I would say their mode of operation is vague. 

My final thoughts

Eth Ads CEO or Organizers are anonymous and hence makes it more of an illegal platform. Eth ads network is not based on any clear mode of operation and is manage by a programmed computer. Eth ads can only function on telegram platform with no much popularity outside telegram. 

Eth ads does not lead to any website or any page after clicking and this does not go with the mode of operation by other ads network. Eth ads will tell you to upgrade your level by paying some amounts  before they can pay you And hence this makes it more of a scam. 

My last verdict is that more than 90% crptocurrency based network that use telegram platform as their mode of operation is a total scam. Although Eth as a cryptocurrency is real but Eth ads network on telgram is not legit but a pure scam. 

What is your say about this?  Have you had any experience with this platform, do let us know with the comment box. Thank you for visiting.


Thursday, June 11, 2020

My Plain Review on Forsage Smart contract: Legit Or Scam

Forsage ethereum smart contract is the hottest platform gaining much attention as over thousands of people are registering on the platform daily.

The strong quest to earn money online has made a lot of people to rush into the platform while some are still hesitant and are waiting to see the outcome and understand this new platform before rushing into it.

In this post, I would be putting you through how Forsage claims to work and whether it worth your time and investment. Let's quickly do a quick learning on Forsage

What Is Forsage?

According to their website; Forsage is a platform that uses Ethereum blockchain network to enrich affiliates in the space of 3months.

Forsage smart contract claims to allow investors to earn and accumulate as many ethereum as possible and you can trade your ethereum for instant cash anytime you want. Forsage claims to have level 1-12 which simply means that it is impossible for you to withdraw without reaching the last level or else you will crash the system since it is a multilevel based platform.

Using my own words, I would say Forsage is a form of well organized pyramid scheme powered by an advanced smart contract and ethereum blockchain. The company's definition is far more structured but vague and it will make it more confusing to understand. You will recall that I called it a form of pyramid scheme but that is not so according to their Official release on their website.

How does this platform works?

You join forsage group with 0.06-0.07 ethereum which is approximately 7500naira and it works by 3x1 and 2x2 matrix. After registering, you will be given a link to send to you your family and friends and you get small commission per amount paid by the people you referred while the remaining amount goes to the higher tiers of the platform and these are definitely anonymous people at the top of the platform scheme. This pyramid goes on and on for a long period of time and your ethereum keeps accumulating as you get more down lines.

My Honest Review On Forsage Platform.

Forsage website domain 'forsage.io' was anonymously registered early this year and hence the website history is not transparent enough. The company has no information about the owner and who runs the company.

Forsage tricks you to constant reinvesting of your investment for a long period of time and hence makes it hard to make money at the end.

It is clear that the majority of the money/ethereum invested by individuals go to the members at the top which are anonymous and are most likely to be the owner and organizers of this platform.

It is a pyramid scheme as oppose to the word multilevel marketing scheme which they are regarded as. This makes it more prone to crashing when ever affiliates refuse to invest on the platform.

There is no clear explanation on what the money invested is used for and hence the word multilevel marketing companies is not the right word to describe this scheme.

Forsage is just a new idea that is built on an old cryptocurrency which is ethereum. Forsage is just a structured pyramid scheme that has vague mode of operation but uses ethereum to cover their vague based platform.

Final thoughts: should I join or not ?

I would say, I don't have a direct answer to this. Most people already involved claim that forsage is a legit platform and there has been an increase in their profit daily but that is not to say there can not be a bad result at the end as that is always the end of any MLM or pyramid scheme.

Also note that it is most likely not feasible to achieve the said level and the amount they claim to give you at the end as there is nothing involved than the referring
method of earning on their platform.

My reviews are based on my observations so far and I hope this is very clear enough to make you choose wisely.

What do you think about this scheme, is it legit as it claim to be ? Let's know your opinion and also share to your friends and family if you find this helpful.


Million Money Clear Review: Real or Scam

Is this your first time of hearing million money smart contract or you have heard about it but you are yet to know how it works. I am glad to tell you that you are on the right blog to get the right answer as to whether million money smart contract worth your time or not. 

Firstly let's start with what Million Money Smart Contract Community means 

Million money smart contract community plan is an investment platform which is been hosted by some unknown individuals with Ethereum as the means of investing on the platform. 

Now you may want to ask what Ethereum is, let's do a quick check. 

Ethereum is a cryptocurrency which is somehow related to bitcoin and other forms used to buy goods and services online. Now that we have explained some basic terms, it is good we quickly deal with how million money claims to work. 

So the quick question is: How does it work? 

According to million money platform, there are 10 levels and each stage is based on referrals. So I would definitely tell you that million money is a built on referral system with ethereum as a means of investing. Let's do a brief explanation on how it works;

Level 1 starts immediately after you have donated a certain amount in form of ethereum to someone that invited you.  In level one, 2 people introduced by you will donate 0.03 ether each to you. You will get 0.06ether and 0.05ether will be used to upgrade to level 2 while you keep the remaining 0.01ether as your profit. 

Level 2 to 10 continues in that manner with an increase in the number of people registering under you and this leads to increase in profit per each level. According to million money smart contract, it is established that you really don't need to refer more people after your first two down lines registered. Your downlines will refer people and it continues in that flow. However I would say it will really not work in that format as team work is needed in this kind of pyramid or else it will crash.

In total, 32 people will be required to complete all the stages before you reach the last level which is level 10. Million money smart contract promises 3 ethereum which is $6965 which is equivalent 3million Nigeria naira net profit at the final stage. 

After a brief summary of how they work, the next thing is to do a review on whether they are real or scam?  

Is million money money real or scam? 

According to my research, It would not be nice to just conclude if the platform is legit or a pure scam but however, I have tried to compile all my observations into pros and cons and this can help us to draw a conclusion as to whether it is real or not. 


It uses Ethereum cryptocurrency that works with algorithm.

It has no Admin and hence it is based on computer regulation

Members can not scam each other.


Million money smart contract is purely a pyramid scheme that is based on blockchain. Hence, it is illegal and not permitted in most countries. 

The owner of the platform is not known and this makes it more of a scam. 

Bigger percentage of the money invested by individuals go to an unknown person at the top.  this person may definitely be the owner of the platform. 

It will crash at the end when membership inflow cease to increase and hence a lot of people will loose to the system. 

The platform can decide to close at any point after making enough profit from the platform and these will leave all members to nothing. 

The use of money invested by individuals in this platform  is not clear which means that you can only make money only when you refer people. 

My Final Thoughts

With my above reviews, I would conclude that Million money is a pyramid scheme and anything relating to pyramid scheme is a pure scam with an anonymous person operating the system. However if you have some money to spare, you can try them out to see if truly they will fetch you money as they claimed on their platform. 

What's your say about million money, do you think it is a real platform and have you been paid on the platform. Do let us know your thought by using the comment box below.


Tuesday, May 5, 2020

11 Effective Ways To Market Your Small Business Online

Online marketing is one of the effective ways to sell and inform people about your business. According to studies, about 4billion people use internet in the world and the user base is growing daily. This has made people to leverage on this opportunity by applying different marketing skills. Some of these online marketing platforms include Google, Facebook, Amazon etc. 

Although marketing your business online will require you to spend some cash but that doesn't mean that there aren't effective ways to get your brand out there by applying some strategies to minimize your spending. 

Here are some tips that can foster your business growth online. 

Use Facebook

Facebook is one of the best social media that can have a great influence on your business. Facebook is a very viable option for almost all businesses and you can reach thousands of people daily on facebook by using facebook ads. Although with the latest algorithm, it has been difficult to promote your business on facebook without paying  but there are some effective ways to promote your business without ads. These include, joining several groups and posting on relevant forums that are related to your niche. 

Another effective way to promote your business is to create a facebook group for your business and invite people to join. Make sure to post relevant topics relating to your business. Also do well to always engage with your readers and reply to comments as soon as possible. 

You can also post on business groups, many groups have members that range from 1000 to more than 200,000 and with this you can reach out to thousands of people daily without paying money. 

You may want to check Grow your business with facebook ads

Start A Blog

Having your blog is the best way to connect with your customers directly. To maintain a blog requires constant updates if you would make your blog active. With your own blog, You will reach out to more customers and also tell your active users about your recent business development and update. To create a blog is very simple these days as there are many free hosting websites where you can create a blog within 5minutes. 

Click here to read: Create your blog in 5minutes

Build your network on LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains one of the top websites to connect with business like minds. But however, there are some restrictions to how you can use LinkedIn or else you will be banned. A very wise way to avoid being banned is to post quality contents on business groups, but make sure to avoid spamming as this can cause your account to be blocked. LinkedIn can be a great way to promote your business if used properly. 

Use Social Media Influencers

One of the effective ways of promoting your business is by engaging influencers. Although most influencers will charge for helping you to advertise your product. A good way to avoid paying is to offer a free products for them, and they can help you advertise by making review of the product. Although most influencers will not accept this but you can always find some who are really willing to help. This people are called micro influencers.

Do Give away And Give Discounts 

Another effective way to promote your business is to do give away or give discount on social media. This can help to drive traffic to your business without having to pay for anyone. Giving discount on products is not a better way to market your business but implementing it for a limited period of time can really help. 

Affiliate Marketing

You can also start using affiliate marketing both online and offline. Offline affiliate marketing programs work by you telling people to help you market your product and they get commission per each person they refer. Online affiliate marketing platforms involve registering with the company so they can help you advertise through affiliate marketers. Both ways are very effective and you can make use of both at the same time. 

Stay Active On Social Media

Social media is a powerful tool that must not be neglected if you want your business or products to be all over. Take time to reply to relevant comments from customers, potential customers,groups, pages and your timeline posts. 

Another good way to market your products is to tell your customers to help you make good reviews on the products they buy. This trick can help foster your sales as one of the fastest ways to get new customers is through referrals from your customers. 

Promote your business on twitter

Although twitter is not for everybody, but however, you can use it to generate traffic for your business if used properly. Always make use of relevant hash tags and also go for trending topics when posting a tweet on twitter. This can help you reach out to people quickly. 

Video Marketing

You can reach out to people using video if used correctly. Make sure to hire a professional that can help you create an attractive advertising video. Post your video on top social media where it can be easily seen. You can also boost the number of people that your video will reach by using social media ads. YouTube is one of the best online media to advertise your business. 

Participate In Forums

You can promote your business on forums like quora,reddit,nairaland etc by posting quality contents and giving answers to questions. The best way to drive traffic on quora is to give answers to questions that are most especially related to your field. Nairaland is also a forum which is among the top known websites in the world where you can read news and also participate by commenting on your topic of interests. The good thing about forums is that, they allow guest posting and this can be a great way to advertise your business. Always avoid spamming while doing so. 

Use EBay and Amazon

EBay and Amazon are both founded in 1995, they are one of the major online stores where you can sell and buy products. Some of the products you can find there are clothing, jewelry, sporting goods, books etc. These two websites have since their time of launch recorded so much sales and visitors yearly. Online store has made it very possible for anyone to set up a store almost everywhere in the world. 

Everything takes times and remember that Rome was not built in a day. So take time to build your business with the tips given above. 

I hope this really helps?  Do well to drop a comment below if you have any question. You can also subscribe and follow this blog to receive latest post. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

How To Raise Your First 2000$ Start Up Capital For Free

Getting money to start your first business as an entrepreneur is very difficult in some countries,due to the fact that banks and any other financial organizations tend to give their money to known brands and Companies rather than giving it out to young entrepreneurs irrespective of how big your idea is. This has killed a lot of dreams as there are no means to get funds for start up. 

You are very lucky to see this post today as I would be giving you a good free tip that has worked for so many people and well, it's still working and I am so sure it will work for you. So, sit down, relax and grab a cup of coffee while reading patiently. This method will however work for you irrespective of which country you are,just make sure to deal with this method with your currency.

Now, just imagine you walk up to someone you know and ask for 2000dollars to fund your business and meanwhile you have never been into any business before. I am very sure more than 90% of the people you will meet will tell you 'No' except for someone who strongly believe in you and also loves you. 

But imagine you just walk up to a person and ask for 10$,50$ or 100$ to fund your business, I am very sure you will most likely get it because it is so easy to afford and being a good person can even help the matter. Now this is where the tip I am about to share with you lies.

When you want to start your business and you are in need of a huge amount of money for start up. Let me use 2000$ as stated in my heading for example, although it is small for some business ideas, but do not worry it will actually work well for any amount, just make sure to follow me. Instead of looking for someone, organization or bank to give you the whole amount, why not try splitting the amount you need into 10,20 or more places and then look for people who can easily give you the money without you been questioned. The good news here is that you would be getting the money for free!! Okay you are now eager right?  Let's go on. 

Let's Go Practical

Now, let's say you need 2000$ or more to start your business,try to split the money into 20 or 40 places. Splitting it as mentioned means you have 100dollars or 50dollars to ask 20/40people respectively 'remember to change your currency'. After you have done that, make sure to look for those that can easily give you the amount mentioned above "remember I said it can be lower or higher than that". This include friends,family, co workers,relatives, people on your contact list and those you have talked business with one time or the other. The gist is, make sure to look for people who you think can give you money easily. 

After you have listed out the people, now it is time to reach out to them. You can either meet them personally, call or text them. Just make sure to deal with them all accordingly and be sure you have built trust and you should be known by them as a serious person.  This is what you have to say must look like;
              "Good morning Sir/Ma/Friend/Uncle/Brother.... I hope this meets you well? I Remember we talked last time and I told you how I wanted to start my own business, but I want to inform you that I am very ready now and I will please need your assistance. Have been able to raise a reasonable amount 'you can put 700$/100$' but I would be needing an extra 50$/100$ from you so as to add to the money. I hope to hear from you soon. God bless you!"

You may want to ask why I put that you have made a reasonable amount while you haven't. Well it's very simple, you already have a good plan that can fetch that amount already, so let's call it a potential amount. That's funny right ? Yes but it's necessary in other to show how serious you are. Another thing to take note is that, the money you will ask from people should be relative as there are some people that can offer more than what you are asking for, you just have to put it in a way that your request won't be rejected. 

Also expect to receive less than whatever you ask from some people, you may ask for 50$ but be given 30$. Well this is part of the whole plan and that is why you need to plan it well. Also be aware that you can get more than you have asked, just a single person can give you 1000$, you might be very lucky. 

You may also want to ask if you will have to pay back their money, now the big answer is 'NO' simply because you didn't include it in the message that you will repay. The whole idea here is gotten from what we call crowd funding and it is one of the effective ways to get money for your business both offline and online.

Now if you follow everything that has been said so far, then I am very sure you will have a positive result. After you have gotten what you wanted, make sure to use the money effectively and never disappoint those who trusted in you by giving you their money. I am very sure you won't want to spend the money for another reason. 

I hope this tip really works well for you,  I hope you enjoy this article. If you did, please kindly help share with your friends and family. 

Do not forget to leave your comment below, do well to also follow and subscribe to this blog. All is absolutely free to do. Thank you!  


Tuesday, April 21, 2020

5 Business You Can Start In a School Environment

As an entrepreneur,you will agree with me that one of the challenges you will face even when you have the capital to start your business is location. The location where your business is really does matter. And this can boost your selling point. Before I continue, you may want to ask what a selling point is

A selling point is that quality that distinguishes you from your competitors and this selling point is what will make you to stand among your competitors.

You will most times have problem competing with people that do the same business like you,so you have to find a means of reducing the competition. Let me quickly bring a science theory into this, according to Charles Darwin in his famous work, he talked about the survival of the fittest  which says; The person with the strongest attributes live while the once with little or no attribute die. This theory can also be applied to business. In business, people with the right ideas and plans tend to survive while those with little and no good plan tend to have problem surviving in their business journey.

In this article I will be talking about a very strategic place to start your small business and examples of small business that can survive there.

Now going straight to what I have to tell you, School environment like universities, Polytechnics and some other educational organizations that tend to contain a lot of people remain one of the best places to establish and avoid a whole lot of competitions for your business. Although, starting a business in school is not absolutely a perfect way to avoid competition but the truth about this is that you will get customers to your business if you have a very good approach.

For example, you can quickly do a fast comparison of sales between a small restaurant around a school environment and a restaurant that is not within or around it.  You will most likely find out that a school restaurant sells more than the other. And the reason can not really be far fetched as you tend to get customers easily without stress due to population. You can also do the comparison of a cyber cafe found around the school with the regular ones.

Some of the Business you can start in a school environment 

1. Clothes selling

This is one of the business that sell most in schools as every student want to wear new and fine clothes. People in this business even make more money now due to the reign of designers, cloths that are not normally supposed to be 10dollars for example are now been sold for 30dollars all in the name of designers. So every student wants to wear designers and by so doing enriching the pocket of the sellers.

As an entrepreneur, this is where your own opportunity is,  you can make use of the advantage of buying clothes in large quantity and resell at a retail price. There are various ways you can get new clothes at a very cheap price and sell it at a higher price in which ever country you are. With mini importation, It is really easy to get your products to make more income by getting it directly from the manufacturer or a bigger company outside your country. In case you have not checked my mini importation guide, here is the link Mini Importation, A Good Way To Start Making Money

Another huge way of making it in clothing business is by selling fairly used clothes. I remember asking someone about how they get fairly used clothes,  and what I heard really amazed me as you can get a big sac of clothes for a very low price and sell it with more than 100% of profit.

You may want to ask if students buy fairly used clothes? Yes, in fact, according to my observation, students buy fairly used clothes than new ones because it is a way lot cheaper and easy to afford. So in case you want to dive into the business. Work more on how to achieve this and make good use of the opportunity.

2. Photography

You can also earn good money from taking pictures and videos. I realized that this business is a good way of making money if you connect and advertise your business well. Another way to boost your business sales is to brand and make sure to connect your self to the right people. What I have noticed so far is that your customers have a major factor to play in this business because recommendation is very necessary. So if you are looking for a way to earn a lot in this business, try to network and offer good services to your clients because they are capable of helping you with new customers if your works have good reviews.

As a photographer,you can help cover events in schools, example of common events are matriculation day, graduation day and other form of formal and informal parties. The truth is that you will always have events to cover in schools if you have the right friends around you.

In case you don't know how to start, to learn photography  takes just few months, you can also help yourself by checking YouTube video and any other platforms that deal with photography. Watch videos, learn and put into practise.

3. Cafetaria/ Restaurant

There is a slight difference between a Cafeteria and a Restaurant. A restaurant involve table service and the customers are been attended to by waiters but cafeteria involves less or no table service, cafeteria serve basic foods while restaurants focus more on offering a better service.

Without further explanation, you will agree with me that this two tend to be a good source of income in schools,  companies and organizations, so in case you have a good skill in cooking, you can try this business. You can also start this business if you don't have cooking skills. All you just need to do is to get people that are skilled and pay them base on agreement.

4. Laundry services

This is another business that can fetch you good income, some students are so lazy that they find it difficult to wash their clothes. You can make use of this opportunity to get their clothes and wash for money. These days, there is no really much stress as regard washing as there are washing machines everywhere that can do the washing. All you need to do is to get a washing machine, inform them about the service you render, you can also do a door to door marketing. In this way, I'm sure you will get customers.

5. Catering Services

Catering service involves the provision of food and drinks to people based on their requests. There are a lot of food you can start making for sales, as a caterer, you can prepare and present food for dinner,bar,bridal shower etc.

You can also venture into snacks making like candy, potato chips, cookie etc. You can bake cakes for sell and also for events. There is a high chance that you will make it in this business as most of these food are always in high demand. You can take lessons in case you don't have enough skill to start a catering service. Catering class can usually take up to a few weeks to months depending on where and how you want to learn.

Pls be aware that this article is written based on observation,  so it is not necessary that you totally opt in for this idea because as I have said earlier, location is just one of the factors that will affect your sales. But in case you are convinced and you are sure you can make good use of this information, Pls do not hesitate to take the step.

These are one of the business you can start in a school environment. You can also add your own in the comment box below, and also you can share what you think about setting up your business in a school environment.

I hope this really helps?  Thank you for your time. Pls make sure to subscribe and follow me on this blog.


Saturday, April 18, 2020

4 Things To Check Before You Start Your Entrepreneur Journey

While I encourage people to enter the entrepreneur game. I would still love to tell you that the word 'Entrepreneur' is not for everybody,reason because I have seen a lot of business which started well but didn't last months mainly because of their wrong motives.

I laugh some times when I see people attach the word CEO to their profile on social media. But that's not to say I don't want you to put value on yourself. But the question is

   Do you really know what it takes to be a CEO?

   Have you sat down to think on how you will use the title     to affect your business positively?

    Do you really know the reason behind the word?

In this article I will be highlighting some facts you need to know when starting your business as a young entrepreneur .

First of all, be aware that having enough money for start-up is not the major factor that will sustain your business. Money can only start a business, but it takes more than money to sustain it.

The word CEO simply means Chief Executive Officer who is responsible for taking managerial decisions. That name seems sweet and carry power. But don't be afraid to use it even if your business is just starting. Make sure to use it for the right reason,the title CEO can be a trick to brand your business and with this, you can attract people to yourself.

Things to check when starting a business

1. Motive

Don't start a business because you want everyone to see you as a successful person, Always know that you are not successful in a business until your business is successful. The mistake people make is that, they all want to live a boss free life meanwhile they have not learnt what it takes to be a boss.

These are one of the things that will make you to be a boss

Ability to endure hard times

Ability to do the right thing at the right time

Ability to control people

Ability to focus on how to succeed and not dwell on past failure

Ability to think fast and act fast and lots more.

Let me just go with these few. Work on all this and you are more than a step to be a boss.

Lastly, do not attach the title CEO so as to prove that you are making it but rather, attach CEO because it is one of the many ways of branding.

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2. Your Ability

This is another vital part,  ask yourself, can I do well in this business? Am I knowledgeable enough?  Make sure to be sincere when answering these questions.

Try to know your ability,if you will be doing any business, take time to learn more. Ask people who have done the business before you. Try to also continue to learn after you start the business. Remember this word 'never stop learning'

3. Your company

Surround yourself with like minds, surround yourself with people that will motivate you. Keep people that will motivate you, if possible make friends with people that are into the same business with you. This will help you grow and learn fast, make sure to avoid bad energy.

Keeping the right company is important because there will be times when difficulties will show but you will scale through with the right people around you.

4. Your Goals

Also when starting a business, you can first check your growth by setting a kind of target for yourself. Setting goals should be one of your business plan. You may set a target for example 'I want to reach out to 300 people in 2months' after you have set the target,work on how to make it possible, then after the fixed time, check if you truly achieve this. If not,work on your effort the more. This will have a great impact on your business if you are faithful to the plan.

On a final note, Never underestimate the effect of a mentor,get one if you have none.

This article is put up so as to direct you through the right path. As I always say, success takes time and patience. Work hard, endure hard time, work on your self. Be positive and you will see yourself succeeding.

I hope this really helps? Thanks for your time. Do not forget to follow and subscribe to this blog for more updates. Thank you.


Friday, April 17, 2020


Teachers are the heartbeat of every nation. That is what i have been hearing right from time. But the question is, While they are heartbeat of nations,

why do they get little attention from Government?

Why do they get small salary for their labour?

It is even worse at private level where the school is being managed by an individual. At present some schools still pay 5000naira or 7000naira as salary in Nigeria. Then I begin to wonder, when will this end?

Well, I have been in this teaching field for some years now, although I presently take it as my side hustle. But I have been able to observe well with the little time I have spent in this field. All information you will be getting here is from my observations from various places that I have worked.

Without wasting your time, let me quickly put you through some ways you can earn more than what you think with just teaching.

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Proven and Tested ways of Increasing your Income as a Teaching.

Before we get started, be informed that there are various ways you can make it even with just teaching alone. Make sure to make use of this great information.

1. Tutorial centre

Having a tutorial class is the most profitable teaching business you can ever come across. This is because there are a lot of things attached to it. As the owner of the tutorial centre, you will get student who will enroll for Jamb, waec,Gce,neco and A'levels. Also be aware that there are various A'level.

With this been said, we can see that you will always get students that will come to your centre every month due to differences in the exam dates of the exams listed above. People always say that this business is seasonal, but I would say no, it's not, you only tend to make more money at one period than the other. One thing I have discovered so far is that if you put your effort in making your tutorial centre worth coming, I assure you, you won't find it difficult to attract parents and students.

 Means of making money from a tutorial centre

A.  Through coaching

Imagine you have like 100 to 200 student each in the morning and the afternoon classes, that's a total of 200-400 students in your centre. The average price for tuition fee is 5000naira in Nigeria, note that some tutorials pay more. With 200 students, you will be making 1million naira while with 400 students in total you will be making 2million naira. Is that not a huge amount of money per month? Of course that is someone's salary for a whole year and even more for average Nigerians.

Remember that every business has it own challenges,  one of the challenges in this are, students not paying well, having little students and all. But I have come to realize that a good plan can help solve these problems.

B.  Obtaining exam for students

This is another huge way of making money. Take for example. This year,  Jamb registration was 4700 but some people added their own profit to it and some put it to be 6000/7000. Let's go with 7000, with this, the profit on each candidate is 2300 naira, making it 230,000naira for Jamb registration alone. This same way applies for other exams, and these exams are more profitable than Jamb as you can get more than 10000naira on each individual. But be careful not to overcharge people. Learn to do things the right way.

2. An Educational Consultant/Registration centre

You can also help people to obtain exam forms without necessarily having a school or tutorial centre. You just need to add your own additional amount to the examination fees. It is a good way to make money but you have to find a good plan to attract candidates. Also make sure to render good service so that people will trust and will always want to come.

3. Working as a freelancer 'Teach to get paid'

This is another way to make money, in case you don't have the chance to own your teaching centre. You may be working under government or private school, but never restrict your work to that single place if you would increase your income.

You can take up private tutorials or work in tutorial centres after school hours. this is mostly done in the afternoon. You can also decide to take part time Job in some schools, at the end you will get more than what one school will offer you.

Note that, if you are taking teaching as a career, then the best way to do that is to have a major place where you teach and take up some other teaching jobs outside. It can either be a private or a general tutorial.

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The points I have mentioned above will surely improve the standard of your living as a teacher. You just need not to be lazy. To be a good teacher that everyone will want to listen to is not easy. Try to read, work on yourself and give your best most especially to attract people. On a final note, make sure to stay healthy and never neglect your health for money. Do not engage in more than what you can handle.

I hope this really helps?  Comments are highly welcome